About Us

Casa Guatemala is a first of its kind organization in Waltham. We strive to foster a sense of respect and unity among the greater community. The organization was founded by young Guatemalan leaders who understand the struggle of balancing two worlds while trying to succeed in one. To ensure a better future without forgetting the past, Casa Guatemala aims to preserve and celebrate Guatemalan culture and at the same time empower all Latino youth to become the future leaders of tomorrow. For more information including programs and volunteer opportunities please contact casaguateinfo@gmail.com.

Our Story

In 2014 Casa Guatemala merged withe the Guatemalan Association of Massachusetts (GAMA) to form a renewed organization which kept the name of Casa Guatemala.

Founded in Boston in the 1990's, GAMA was an organization founded by first generation immigrants from Guatemala who sought to preserve the beauty of Guatemalan culture among their children and subsequent generations of Guatemalans in the United States.  For 16 years, GAMA celebrated Guatemalan culture with a ceremony at City Hall Plaza, bringing live traditional Guatemalan music and dance to the heart of Downtown Boston and culminating with the decree of "Guatemala Day in the City of Boston" by the mayor of the city, Tom Menino.

Casa Guatemala was founded in 2009 by first and second generation Guatemalans in the Boston suburb of Waltham. Since the 1980's Waltham has been home to a sizable and growing Guatemalan community that has flourished and helped revitalize the city.  The home of the American Industrial Revolution, Waltham today is home to one of the most vibrant Guatemalan communities in the country.  Casa Guatemala has served the community by providing college access programming and assisting the community in matters related to educational attainment.

Casa Guatemala students, volunteers and leadership pose for a picture during the Casa Guatemala Student Leadership Conference.

As part of the merger of these two organizations, the geographic emphasis of the organization has shifted to Waltham rather than Boston proper, allowing for better service to the heart of the Guatemalan community of Waltham and providing a central and easily accessible location to other sizable Guatemalan communities in Framingham, Marlborough and Lynn, MA